BYD Microelectronics, a subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd., is dedicated to the development of integrated circuits and power devices since 2003.Based on strong background of BYD Company Ltd. and the abundant engineering resources of China, combining with the worldwide expertise from the partners, BYD Microelectronics has successfully developed a wide range of IC products such as power management ICs, power MOSFET, IGBT, FRD, IPEM, IPM, TVS, current sensors, CMOS image sensors, ambient light sensor & proximity sensors, touch controllers, touch pad modules and pure sound ICs for ambient noise suppression. Many of the ICs have already been qualified and been used in large quantity by world class-one customers like Nokia and Samsung. Current Sensor Since 2005, BYD has established R&D center of current sensors. At present, our products include 24 series more > IGBT BYD has successfully developed wide range of products, one of the most important series is IGBT more >
Current Sensor
Since 2005, BYD has established the R&D center for current sensors. At present, our products include 24 series, and their input measuring range can be from 3A to 2000A.
Since 2007, BYD Microelectronics has established R&D institute to support the analysis and research on IGBT chips & Modules, to ensure the reliability and performance.
In integrated power electronic systems, The separation of the original device was standardized modules,that the integrated power electronics module (IPEM) to replace. Shenzhen BYD Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
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