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Fe Battery and Battery Management System Of ESS

The high efficiency of BYD energy storage system is ensured by the advanced Fe battery technology and the intelligent Battery Management System. BYD self-developed Fe battery is environment al friendly and has excellent safety performance. Special designed for the BYD battery, the unique technology of BYD BMS can give smart control and protection to the system.

--Long service life
--High power and high efficiency out put
--Low cost and Full Automatic Manufacture Process
--High Safety

BYD Lithium-ion Iron-Phosphate (Fe) Battery Module -- Life Cycle Tests

Battery Management System is used to monitor the working condition of Fe batteries, such as : current, voltage, temperature and other data in the process of charging and discharging to make sure that the batteries are in fine operation mode.
BMS:Battery Management System
BMU:Battery Management Unit
BECU: Battery Electrical Controlling Unit
BGU: Battery Gateway Unit
BGU: Battery Gateway Unit
Features of BMS
--Battery status monitoring
--Events record and storage function
--Operation control
--Insulation detection
--Dynamic balancing management
--Protection alarms
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